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OC’s Favorite Jumper Rental Company

We pride ourselves with our fast response time, satisfaction guarantee, and extreme attention to customer service.

Booking is Easy-Peasy!

Getting a Jumper at your party is as easy as finding a jumper, telling us what day you want it for and that’s it!


Explore Our Jumpers for Rent

We have Jumpers suited for all different types of parties. Find the one best suited for your party below.

The Classic Bounce-House

“El Clasico”

You can’t beat the classics!

-Built-in Basketball Hoop Inside!


The King Jumper “El Rey”

-Jumper suited for royalty!

-Basketball Hoop Inside!

-Built in slide


Ocean Blue Jumper “Aguas Azules”

-Basketball Hoop Inside!

-Built-in Slide!



Tropical Water Slider

-Perfect for warm summer days!

-Needs a Water Hose for a Fun Slippery Time!


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We can’t wait to help you throw an amazing party with our jumper rentals. Give us a ring and we’ll be happy to help!

(714) 733-3465

Client Testimonials

We’re so glad we called Rico’s Jumpers! They were super nice the whole time and helped us give our daughter the perfect birthday party/ 

-Gloria Ramirez

My kid and his friends could not stay off the jumper, it’s safe to say that the water slide was a HIT. Thanks again guys, will be calling back soon.

-Jack Henry

Even though we called last minute Manny and his team was able to help us throw an amazing party! Not only did the kids have a great time but even the drunk tios were jumping and having a blast. It was honestly histarical, thanks for making that happen Manny.

-Maria Peraza

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to setup?

As soon as we arrive on site you’ll be jumping having a blast in about 30 minutes.

Is it safe?

Jumping comes with inherent risks, it is important to monitor kids (& sometimes drunk adults) to make sure they aren’t playing too rough.


Do I get charged extra if I live far?

Good question! We have free delivery for anyone within 15 miles of our headquarters in Cerritos. Any miles after have to pay the difference in miles at $0.80 per mile.

For example, if you’re 20 miles away the fee is 5 miles x $0.80 = $4


Do I have to do anything?

Just make sure everyone in the jumper isn’t playing too rough, nobody is playing with the on and off switch (you’d be surprised) and have a great time!

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